Today, the IT aspirants who look forward to enter in this highly competitive field need to equip them with some of the latest technology skills and are required to possess exceptional skills pertaining to that technology. Though there are various technologies one can choose from, but one of the popular and highly demanded technologies subsume PHP development. PHP development technology has been around for quite a few years no and there are various developments that have taken place in this field. We, at Cresco offer live training in the field of PHP and help our students learn the much demanded skills in Responsive and PhoneGap technologies.

The concept of Responsive Web Development

Web designing is an exceedingly imperative part of the web development and certainly is the front end of any website. Websites definitely become more appealing as their design play a key role in making them look attractive. But as various mobile devices and tablets are emerging, people have started accessing internet from a number of computing devices. Needless to say, people prefer to use small computing devices like smart phones and tablets for accessing internet. This has made web designers to change from the traditional web designing methodologies to responsive ones.
Responsive web designing helps in eliminating the need for developing different mobile websites that can work properly as per mobile’s screen size. Responsive Web Development aid in giving the optimum user experience to the website visitors as it adjusts itself to the screen size seamlessly and thus, the visitors can easily see all the components of the website. As more and more website owners are demanding responsive web designs, the need for responsive web designers has increased manifold in the past couple of months.

PhoneGap – A Cross Development Framework

With the unprecedented success of smart phones, the requirement of web and app development frameworks for each mobile operating system has also emerged. Today, there are several mobile operating systems that are powering various smart phones but due to this, the need for individual development frameworks has also surfaced. This implies that every app developer has to develop applications for each mobile development framework.

But, PhoneGap Technology eliminates this need completely and enables developers to develop cross platform applications for seven mobile frameworks. Cross platform application development saves a great deal of efforts for app developers and thus, it has become extremely popular among app development companies. This has also generated great demand for PhoneGap Technology professionals who can develop captivating mobile applications.

We, at Cresco realize that the growing demand of these technologies and skilled professionals, and thus. We have been working on b riding the gap between the rising demand of professionals and supply. We equip our students with astounding development skills and train them on live projects.

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So you want to be a Mobile App Developer? Well the choice is quite good & impressive considering not only the current demand of mobile app developers but also the future aspect of mobile application development in revolutionary era of IT world. So the choice of career is incredibly awesome but still has doubts regarding how to become or initially start your career as a mobile application developer? Here this write-up will explain the entire procedure of how to start your career as a Mobile Application Developer.

Always remember, there is Never One Single Fixed Route to the Path of Success; but there are Many! But still there are some common, progressive and most helpful ones. So, here is the list of some points that need to be studied, discussed and verified before & during heading towards your career as a Mobile Application Developer:


Apps are the hottest trend of this decade and there is not a single doubt about that and then you want to start your career in this field is also good news considering the potential one can have in this wide field of IT but do you have qualification that can meet the basic requirements and prerequisites to become a successful mobile app developer?

A degree in Software Engineering or a simple Computer Science Degree will prove out to be a very strong foundation to make a start. Alternatively, there are also some specialized professional courses, geared towards Mobile Application Development Training, which one can take specifically. These certifications further prove out to be of great weightage while applying for jobs along with shining your technical core skills for the same field.

Stream/ Type

Next in the line is stream or the type of app development one wants to for. Yes, like usual streams or categories or area of expertise in other systems of career fields, Mobile Application Development also has various sub-fields in it like Android App Development, iPhone App Development, Windows App Development, iPad App Development etc. One may choose to go for all fields or may even choose to go for a specific one to become master of that one particular area. Make your mind for this aspect and then proceed ahead.

Mobile Application Development Training

Next one in the line but may be one of the most important factor is the Mobile Application Development Training provider. This is quite crucial step to chose the one from which you will be learning since a good choice will surely provide positive good results and one bad choice may lead to hazardous unwanted outcomes. The Mobile Application Development Training provider can be a company or a single tutor but must possess these:

    • In-depth knowledge about the mobile app development.
    • Highly affordable as per your pocket but without any sort of compromise in the quality of the teaching.
    • Pocket for most recent, newest and latest updates in the field of mobile app development so that you may not lack in any new updation in the same.

Now if you are confused and perplexed about which company to chose then allow us a chance to help you with this. Cresco Solutions is possessed with a team of proficient mobile app development professional who strive hard to provide industry’s best topnotch quality Mobile Application Development Training which is surely within your pocket means.

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In the diverse field of IT world, continual change is a constant facet and technologies, especially, keep on varying at a speedy pace and hence the demand for the latest & most up-to-dated is always at a thrash. Every organization strives hard to proffer its clientele with astonishing products and services, and therefore in this time of global; cutting edge competition, latest & up-to-date technology is their chief handy tool and for which they keep looking for professionals with up-to-the-minute technology in their savvy hands.

To convene and satisfy such needs of corporate, professionals these days are always in a wide hunt for training companies offering trainings on latest technologies while providing in-depth knowledge of most recent updates but at the same time without shedding the learner’s pockets. So if you too are looking for such organization, no need to chase down more since We, at Cresco Solution, help IT professionals to develop and enlarge the most demanded proficient skills in the wide global industry. Under our exclusive .NET umbrella, we offer affordable .NET Training which provides proficiency and skills but within the pocket means of students.

Cresco’s .NET Training

.NET is a widely used across the IT firms and technical organizations to support various websites, computing applications and many other technical entities. Microsoft is one of the leading software organizations in the world and .NET is its most heavily used tool. Thus, there is a burgeoning demand for .NET professionals in all sorts of small to big organizations.

At Cresco, we offer comprehensive .NET Training at Cresco Solutions to prepare the learners with extraordinary .NET development skills. Being a reputed and highly trusted source for .NET training, Cresco differs from numerous other global training providers since we offer core knowledge oriented yet highly affordable .NET Training program that has the proficiency to engage the students completely while delivers better results.

Moreover, Cresco does not believe in following a structured generic source curriculum, instead, we do indulge in a comprehensive and in-depth learning approach. Another advantage with Cresco is the attribute that we do not follow any conventional theory/classroom methodology and hence we train our trainees directly through live coding. Our .NET professionals explain all of the functionalities through live codes providing the learner with a benefit to learn straightforwardly from practical experiences.

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Dear Aspiring Students,

Here is good news for you!

‘Cresco’ has been an integral part of IT firms, which are the well established yet innovative and fastest growing IT solutions provider companies having global presence. Cresco provides extensive and well-organized project based training to the students last semester/final year live project training as a part of their curricular requirements..

The mentors of ‘Cresco’ are practicing developers having rich and extensive experience in one particular technology for which they are mentoring about. Having been an integral part of a well-recognized IT firms, ‘Cresco’ creates an opportunistic platform for the students to work with live project under the thorough guidance of concerned developer. If student can completed his project before the expected time then organization give an opportunity to work with other live project. Student will get the additional “Appreciation Certificate” for other project. We are also providing in-house placements to students who are performing an excellent during the training.

If you are an IT aspirant and are considering a career in software industry seriously, the one of the good options are software testing. But before entering the field of software testing and embarking on this role, you must look out for proper software testing training. Moreover, if you are already working on a non-technical job, then it becomes even more important that you acquire profound understanding of software testing and methodologies involved in it.
The role of a Software Tester in an organization

A software tester works as a software quality assurance professional whose responsibility is to ensure the quality, flawlessness and viability of a software program. A software tester is required to perform his job so that other software personnel like software developers, software managers and stakeholders do not need to worry about virtual bugs, errors and quality control. A software testing training arms a candidate with all the prerequisites of quality assurance. But one must opt only for a approved quality or certified quality assurance training course.

A software tester is required to check that all the basic features of the software programs or software applications are functional and are working as intended. Apart from this, a software tester has to ensure that the needs of the users in consideration while making sure that the developed applications are in compliance with the requisites of the users. Software and quality testers have to work in coordination with the software developers to ensure that the software codes are integrating well and are working well. Every software project is required to meet the specified requisites and standards that have been laid beforehand.

The Job Prospects of Software Testers

The job prospects of a software testing professional are excellent and the chances of growth in the career are very high. For a software tester, it is not difficult to advance to a designation of senior software tester, Quality assurance team leader and eventually to project manager position. Also, there is growing demand for skilled professionals in the niche areas and software testing tops the charts. Even in the sector of software testing, there are various profiles, special areas. Test automation, scripting and unit testing are some of the most sought after fields where a software tester can work and earn lucrative salaries.

Software Testing Training at Cresco

Software testing is an ever growing field and job options in this field hold out outstanding prospects. With proper and high quality software testing training on live projects, there is no reason that why an individual cannot embark on a successful career in the software industry. This is why; we at Cresco provide expertise oriented contemporary software testing training. We train the students on live projects to introduce them with corporate way of functioning.

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